Pet Wash

Professional Pet Wash Services

Pet Self-Wash Services

When you're in a hurry, the friendly staff at Kimbur Pet Wash & Suites can give your pet a bath! Our staff only uses high-quality products for your pet's bath. This allows them to stay relaxed and comfortable.

When you have time, take advantage of our self-wash service. You can visit our location and give your pet their bath. We offer all the supplies and space. All you have to do is to enjoy the bonding time with your pet.
Pet Grooming

We Pamper Your Pet with Quality Supplies

Call ahead to set up an appointment and drop your pet off for a spa treatment. W'll give them a bath, brush their coats, and trim their nails! We'll express anal glands upon request.

We have all the high-end pet products you need: shampoos, conditioners, eye and ear wipes, dental care items, combs, brushes, towels, and pet dryers.

Other Pet Services We Offer

Let us handle your boarding needs. We offer beautiful pet suites for overnight stays. We also provide quality foods and treats. These can be delivered upon request. Military personnel get special discounts.

Check out Images of Our Pet Wash Facility

Get a FREE self-service pet wash on a purchase of 6 or more bags of dog food! Call us now at 
All your pets deserve a day at the spa. Let us give your pet an enjoyable bathing experience. Call us today. Lowest price guaranteed!
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